Believe in Miracles but Trust in Jesus

Believe in Miracles but Trust in Jesus

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God spoke and the universe sprang into existence. It is unthinkable that the Creator, having such incredible power, should subsequently be unavailable to move miraculously upon His own creation. Is the clock stronger than the clockmaker? Absolutely not! Are miracles possible today? We must say a resounding yes to that. Let me explain! This is what the Gospel of John is all about. When John wrote his Gospel, the beloved apostle selected seven miracles that bring as much encouragement to us today as they did to those who experienced them in the first century. They are life-changing. The miracles in the Bible literally, physically happened. Jesus performed these miracles, and they are history. But beyond them, there is a greater spiritual significance.

At the end of John’s gospel we learn that there was a selection process going on as far as his recordings of Christ’s miracles were concerned. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, John chose those seven of the Lord’s miracles and put them together in a special sequence for our understanding. The Bible says, “And truly Jesus did many other signs (miracles) in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life through His name (John 20:30-31).”

John selected these seven miracles to teach us a tremendous truth. There is meaning in the miracles John records. Each shows not only Christ’s power over nature but His redeeming power over sin, death, hell, and the grave. They point clearly to the wonderful truth that Jesus Christ is God’s answer to your deepest needs – your disappointments, doubts, desires, despair, darkness, and death. There are many who will say, “Well, I don’t believe in God; therefore, I don’t believe in miracles.” But, whoever says that must believe that nothing times nobody equals everything (evolution). The doubter must believe that in the beginning the heavens and the earth created themselves, then generated life spontaneously. Such a person believes in a colossal miracle without anyone to perform it. He should not pride himself on his intelligence. The greatest minds of all time have believed in a Creator. Socrates, Lord Bacon, Galileo, John Newton, Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein, rocket scientist Dr.Wernher von Braun – all believed in a higher intelligence. In closing let us go beyond miracles and go on to Jesus. The apostle John shows us that miracles of grace are greater than miracles of glory. The greatest miracle is the transformation of the human heart. Let me explain! When we receive Him and know His transforming power, we experience the ultimate miracle; new birth, and eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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